Patient Testimonials


Dr. Rah's commitment to superior healthcare and patient comfort is evident in the reviews and testimonials given by many patients Dr. Rah has seen since recently moving to Orange County.

They show that she is genuinely concerned about her patients and works fervently to provide top-quality services to her patients. Many patients recommend Dr. Rah to their friends and family, because they are delighted with Dr. Rah's thorough care and advanced surgical techniques.

Mary T.:

Dr. Rah's nutritional program has helped me do the seemingly impossible. After years of dieting, I have finally found something that actually helps me lose weight in a healthy way.

The meal replacement drinks help my body stay balanced. They are easy, portable and filled with nutrients. But unlike some other meal-replacement programs, I get to eat food as well. The program is flexible and fits into any lifestyle. It motivates me to make better choices for the long term, rather than try to go for the quick fix. Dr Rah has been with me every step of the way, with her guidance, expertise and motivation. I feel confident now that I will reach my goal weight.

Renee Adams RN:

So grateful to Dr.Rah for getting me on track with my weight loss plan. She gave me all the tools needed to succeed .. Healthy all natural product, a meal plan that did not make me feel deprived and lifelong healthy eating and exercise plan that is so easy to incorporate into my busy life.

The shake is an organic plant-based meal replacement with no preservatives added. Always had lots of energy and no medications needed to use as a crutch.

I have lost 23 lbs. after 4 months and will continue until I reach my goal. Many thanks to Dr.Rah and her kind and professional staff.

Natalie S:

Dr. Rah saved my butt, literally! As private, embarrassing and annoying as this topic is hemorrhoids are very common. I was one of the unlucky ones to get it during pregnancy and even though the docs would say "it will go away on its own" nope, they decided to stay and get worst!

Thank goodness I found Dr. Rah! I'm pain-free, flare-up free and I get to enjoy doing activities that I wouldn't have been able to if I didn't see Dr Rah.

Craig N:

She is great, I received my colonoscopy from her last week and the procedure went without any hiccups. I did not have any "polyps" as they call them, but she was very detailed with her pre-procedure advice and instructions, and answered all of my questions and then some after the procedure. The procedure went great, and she is very kind and her staff approachable and friendly. If you need a procedure like this done in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area, go here.

Karen S:

Dr. Rah was very professional and very pleasant! We actually scheduled a necessary procedure for next week and I will feel very comfortable in her hands!

Kathleen H:

I can't believe what a great experience that was. Her office staff is terrific too;they even gave me directions when I got lost!


I have been to one other GI Dr. and the place was horrible. (messy and paperwork was strung across every counter top.) When I called in I knew this place was going to be it for me. I spoke to a lady on the phone named Lauren and she helped me with EVERY question I had. The first day there I walked in and the office was clean and kept up. I filled out paper work and within minutes I was in the back waiting for the doctor. I explained my issue to Dr. Rah (rather embarrassing) and she explained all my concerns comfortably and professionally. She informed me had to get an upper endoscopy thing. When I scheduled for the procedure Lauren at the front again did her best to help me out and find a place that was in network for my insurance. Went through with the procedure with flying colors. Dr. Rah did a great job made me feel a lot better that she was doing the procedure and no some other Dr. i have never seen before. As i went back for my follow up with Dr. Rah again she was very nice and explained all my lab results so i could understand. All and all my experience here has been nothing short of AMAZING!! (for a doctors office)

Thank you Dr. Rah and your team!

Linda K:

I felt she really listened to my concerns.

Karen S.:

Dr. Rah is excellent!

Dr. Rah is very knowledgeable and immediately knows what procedure to recommend to get to the root of your problem, while having a comforting and soothing demeanor. From my 1st visit on, I felt very confident in Dr. Rah's hands! The staff is awesome, too! They are very friendly and helpful, while scheduling appointments and procedures, etc. The office setting is very soothing. I particularly enjoy the nice music piped in throughout the waiting room and all of the examining rooms. Overall, I look forward to continuing a long term Dr/patient relationship with Dr. Rah! I would highly recommend her to anyone having stomach issues!

Heidi G.:

Super Happy:) Dr. Rah and her staff are the Best! I highly recommend Dr. Rah! My husband and I will never use any other G.I. doctor! She made me feel so comfortable, in a situation for which I was so UNcomfortable and nervous about. Her staff was super friendly yet professional at the same time. Everything went smooth and I just wish Dr.Rah could be my primary physician because she is the BEST. I've never had a doctor that I felt more comfortable around.

Ken Fike:

I can't speak for others and the problems they have. I will say for my experiences with Dr. Rah has been a surprise. Let me explain that. I found Dr. Rah on the Internet for a Hemorroid issue because I didn't know anyone for a referral. I called and made an appoint. During my visit with Dr. Rah she ask if I ever had a Colonoscopy and I said no. Then she ask how old I was and I said 64. She said I was 14 yrs. late, and I said late for what. She told me I was 14 yrs past due for a Colonoscopy. To make a long story shorter, I had the Colonoscopy. There was two polups found and removed. I am thankful for that and I just had my second session for Hemorroid banding. Now that was a real surprise to me because the stories I've heard about Hemorroid removal was rather painful. This is a 5 min. procedure and painless as far as I'm concerned. Dr. Rah is courteous,Kind and to the point. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Tamlyn J:

Dr. Rah is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I had questions about a specific medication that she knew a lot about. She was able to get me in for my first appointment 2 days after I contacted her office. Then she was able to get me in for tests within 3 working days from my appointment. She's very caring and listens to what the patient has to say, as well as answering any/all questions.

Zahra G.:

I took my mother to her she is wonderful, her staff is great too, everybody was very courteous and polite and professional, I strongly recommend her.

René Burton:

Dear Dr. Rah,

I want to thank you for finding my problem so very quickly and addressing it immediately. I had been to two other doctors prior to seeing you, and they did not identify the fact that I had a large polyp that had to be removed immediately.

The facility that you sent me to, was excellent, and the care was excellent, as well. Thank you for your caring attitude and calm manner, and taking the time to explain what the procedure involves. I will definitely be telling others about you and how you treat your patients with respect.

I wish to say a word about your office staff, Anna. She is a wonderful, lovely and a very efficient adjunct to your staff. She has always responded to my phone calls with great respect. As a patient I really appreciate the extra effort on her part to be so accommodating, and pleasant.

I thank you both for your care.

Roy Andres:

Hello Dr. Rah,

I thank you for helping me with my situation and feel that you have given the best service. I feel so much better and am really glad to have found you. I have been to other doctors and never felt confident or have gotten better. You have treated me with respect and taken such good care of me that I have regained my trust in the medical profession. I am recommending you to my family and friends. Thank you so much for being such a compassionate doctor. I couldn't have found a better doctor.


Dr. Rah,

I wanted to thank you for the bottom of my heart. Besides helping me with the colonoscopy, you were there mentally for me also. I can never thank you enough nor will I. If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to ask. I have changed my habits completely and I owe this all to you. Also, my new books have brought I greater piece of mind and that makes this process a whole lot easier.

I love you and Ann, and I do not think I can ever so thank you enough.

Again, thank you.

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Darren R:

Dr. Rah,

I just wanted to thank you again. You have really put the bounce back in my step, so to speak. It has been my pleasure to be your satisfied customer, and patient.


I wanted to thank you for helping me with my problem, hemorrhoids!

I have been self medicating with creams and lotions and even tried some homeopathic remedies to no avail. I was lucky enough to come across your website and decided to give you a try. Your new procedure was quick and painless. I was motivated to get this problem solved since I was going on a long trip to Asia.

I had 2 of the three hemorrhoids treated before I left and didn't have any problems with my trip. Upon my return, I contemplated skipping the last one since I felt better, but I followed your advice and had all three removed.

Even thought the procedure is painless, I did feel cramped for the next 5-6 hours, a small price to pay for the results to feel normal again. I mention this because on the last 2 procedures I bought some Advil to take after that helped a lot.

So as of right now, I am feeling good as new!


Mary Pat Anderson:

I have suffered from several hemorrhoids for years, but avoided treatment as I didn't want surgery. Then Dr. 'Rah" (as she is called) joined the office team of my primary physicians. I was referred to her because of a stomach ulcer. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and she also noted the hemorrhoids. Using the new CRH O'Regan System™ or "banding", Dr. 'Rah' was able to remove my hemorrhoids during a series of office visits. The "banding" of one hemorrhoid at a time took only minutes, and I was able to leave the office and resume normal activities. I highly recommend the system and Dr. 'Rah".

Damien Diaz:

Back in 2008, I had Multiple Gallstones (Cholelithiasis) diagnosed following an extremely painful episode of abdominal pain. These episodes gradually became more frequent, longer in duration, and greater in severity over time – to the point that the last episode landed me in the emergency department. Subsequently, a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy was performed.

Sometime after the surgery….I had frequent bouts of acidic diarrhea and bouts of constipation causing flare ups of hemorrhoids which I have had since approximately 1995. The hemorrhoid flare ups increased in frequency and the pain associated with the episodes became unbearable – over the counter remedies were useless.

My primary internist sent me to a Colo-Rectal specialist – but that doctor simply "dismissed me" telling that I only had 2 choices: To take sitz baths or to have conventional hemorroidectomy. His exact words were "I only do cutting and sewing."

I shared my concerns with my infectious disease specialist. I told my infectious disease specialist that I heard about the CRH O'Regan procedure on KNX 1070 News Radio and that if he could suggest a physician who was familiar with the latest treatments for hemorrhoids. He did his best to find someone in the Long Beach area where I live – unfortunately – Long Beach Memorial Medical Center has no one that does this. However, he was open to me finding a facility and physician on my own and he said he'd be willing to share any records and work with any competent physician capable of solving my problem.

And so….I found Dr. Rah on the CRH O'Regan website. I called both my internist and my infectious disease specialist……and they had records faxed over to Dr. Rah right away. I was able to be seen the same week of my first telephone call.

Dr. Rah was very thorough during my initial consultation and examination. I felt cared for. She listened to my entire story… entire health history even if it wasn't relevant to the primary reason of why I was there. Often times,….subspecialties can "intersect" when rendering care to a patient. She even came up with a suggestion to take back to my internist and infectious disease specialist based on issues she was finding with other patients she has cared for with a co-existing health problem for which I receive treatment. She took the time to explain the physiology behind the various causes of hemorrhoids and had visual adjuncts showing me the human anatomy so I became educated as to what was happening with me internally.

Dr. Rah not only discussed CRH – but also went over other approaches so that both of us – patient and physician - agreed to a plan of action that was workable, sound, and informed.

I just completed my third CRH session and I have RELIEF. No pain. The procedure is quick, painless, little / no discomfort. I feel as good as new. And – I was given a prescription to treat the diarrhea associated with not having a Gallbladder anymore. It works! My hemorrhoids are gone and I'm having normal bowel habits again!

If you're looking for gastroenterologist that is going to take care of you as a whole person and not just treat the disease or treat you as another medical record number or patient account…..a doctor who is going to listen to you and get down to the root causes of your health problem and help you heal and feel better – Then Dr. Rah is who you're looking for!


Shala Rah is the most incredible physician I have ever met. She is gracious and lovely in her approach and she puts the patient's comfort and understanding of procedure above all else, as well as honoring her patients as individuals rather than as just a case number and her staff mirrors her grace.

Coupled with her caring personality and exceptional expertise in her field, I cannot imagine seeing another Gastroenterologist. She simply makes what can be an uncomfortable procedure, something that one is glad to have had done. Physicians in all specialties would do well to imitate her approach and kindness.

I recommend her highly.

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